Integration with Google Services

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Integration with Google Services

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Call Routing and Filtering
Google Voice enables users to customize call routing based on predefined rules. For example, calls can be directed to specific devices or forwarded to voicemail based on the time of day or caller ID.

Google Voice integrates seamlessly with other Google services, enhancing its functionality:

Google Contacts: Users WhatsApp Number can manage contacts and synchronize them across devices.

Google Meet: Integration with Google Meet allows for video conferencing directly from Google Voice.

Using Google Voice
Setting Up Google Voice
Account Creation: Users need a Google account to sign up for Google Voice.

Number Selection: Users can choose a Google Voice number based on availability and location.

Linking Devices: Google Voice can be accessed via the web interface on any browser or through dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android.


Making Calls and Sending Messages
Users can make calls and send text messages directly from the Google Voice app or web interface. Calls can be initiated using the assigned Google Voice number.
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